Telecommunications Services


XperCore provides state-of-the-art telephony equipment and technology for ultimate reliability. High-speed, portability of service allows employees to access calls whenever and wherever they want.   


VoIP technology enables you to make and receive telephone calls over a broadband Internet connection, eliminating the need for – and cost of – traditional telephone lines. And, since most plans include unlimited local and long distance calls, it’s easy to see why cost savings are one of the main reasons businesses switch to VoIP.

With VoIP, you can access calls from any device with an Internet connection. Anywhere, anytime online access allows you to easily track and manage your system, add and configure extensions, track call volumes and times … and more. Calls can be forwarded to your mobile phone or another extension … making your office virtual and keeping it viable – even during a disaster.

Implementing VoIP is simple. Tell us what you want and we make it happen. All you have to do is record your company greetings and plug in your phones. The system is easy to learn and user friendly – and XperCore is there to help … anytime! 

Cloud Networking Services

Cloud networking allows your company to store data on servers in a remote, secure, redundant location. It centralizes your applications and provides secure direct access to networks, storage, applications and services from computers and other devices … anytime, anywhere. You get dynamic, on-demand delivery of services.

And since you don’t need to build an internal infrastructure – or incur the related server and personnel costs – cloud networking is less expensive than in-house services.  Ongoing maintenance and IT support costs are lower, too.

Plus, cloud networking is more reliable. Redundant environments bring your servers up in a separate data center should there be an outage – ensuring business continuity.

Enjoy the benefits with minimal implementation and management. Deploying new applications is fast and scalable: you buy what you need when you need it and adjust as demand grows. The system is easy to learn and user friendly – and, as always, XperCore is there to help … anytime!